National Board Game Day on April 11th and is the perfect occasion to celebrate the thriving board game industry and talk about some of the hottest new games for this year.

Board games over the past year have experienced a remarkable surge in production, sales, and competitive play, reflecting their enduring appeal across generations. These games not only foster sportsmanship, family bonding, teamwork, and healthy competition but also serve as a bridge connecting people of all ages and backgrounds. With their ability to entertain, challenge, and inspire, board games continue to hold a special place in the hearts and homes of countless enthusiasts worldwide. 

As we recognize National Board Game Day, below are some of the hottest new releases for this year!

Ready to plan a family game night? I’ve got boardgames everyone will love!


Think Like A Shrink from Two Docs in a Box

Create by two best friends, psychologist and a psychiatrist, both US Air Force veterans. Players take turns on the “couch” getting psychoanalyzed, leading to hilarious results. Take turns on the “couch” – one player is the Patient, all other players are Shrinks. The Shrinks put their psychology skills to the test by predicting the Patient’s Thoughts, Feelings, and Experiences by associating random snapshots with captivating prompts. It’s a race against the clock – the first Shrink to get to 50 minutes past the hour WINS! For ages 17+, MSRP: $24.99 and available on Amazon.


Floats McGoats from Hootenanny Games

In this captivating game of strategy, it’s every goat for themself! A seafaring goat crew was navigating treacherous waters when their boat capsized! The ship broke apart, leaving wood strewn throughout the waves. To save the goats, players must build a raft from the wood. Each player fights to outsmart the others in a quest to get their goats on the raft. But watch out for the shark lurking in the waters. Game duration is 15-30 min, for 2-4 players. For ages 10+, MSRP $21.99 and available on Amazon.

Life in Reterra from Hasbro

Strategic tile game that features an engaging story, mental depth, incredible custom artwork, and endless replayability. Take turns laying tiles representing diverse terrain and filling them with buildings and inhabitants to construct a community. The more a player’s community thrives, the more points they earn. Building cards unlock powers to help players score more points. Interact with other players, and perhaps even interfere with their progress. The highest score wins! For 2-4 players, ages 10+, MSRP $29.99 and available at Target


EXIT: Kids – Jungle of Riddles from Kosmos

The first EXIT game for young children, ages 5 to 7, aimed at bringing the world of EXIT to a younger audience. Picture-based puzzles; very little reading required. You discovered a previously unknown island and found nine mysterious treasure chests! You have landed on the island of riddles, where the jungle animals are guarding the treasures. You must solve their tricky puzzles before you can open the chests. Crack the riddles together and win the treasure! For ages 5-7, MSRP $17.95 and available on Amazon.


Shadow Light Blacklight Dice Tray with d20 & Liquid Core Dice Set from FanRoll

Dungeon and Dragons is red-hot right now with the movie that came out in 2023 and reviews were really positive! To play Dungeons and Dragons you need a full set of 7 dice that are 4, 6, 8, 10, 10 (again), 12 and 20 sided, just like our Liquid Core Dice Set.

Introducing the newest technology to hit the tabletop, Shadowlight Dice Trays. These dice trays have black lights incorporated into the side of the tray to illuminate your tray.  Each tray comes with a specialized D20 made to interact with blacklight and bring an incredible glow to your table. Tray’s are built with auto-shutoff switches to save the batteries and these pair well with our Shadow Light Elixir Dice. For ages 3+, MSRP: $24.99 for Tray + reactive d20, $74.99 for Liquid Core Dice Set and available on


Bring Game Night to the Next Level: Accept the Beat the Camera Challenge and capture the gemstone without being caught! Race to find the treasure as the camera scans the room from side to side – fun for the whole family! Freeze! When the sound goes off and the camera stops at random, players must freeze. One move will trip the alarm and you’re out! The first one home wins the game! For ages 3+ (1 or more players), MSRP $20.99 and available on Amazon.

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