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Well, hello there! I’m Amanda Mushro, a mom of three and a Lifestyle/Mom/Family writer and personality. If you love life hacks, parenting tips that make life a whole lot easier, super easy DIY, and tips and tricks that make you say “Holy Moly, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!” you’ll feel right at home here and at my other site

You can find me every week on TLC with my web series TLCme #LifeHacks. My life hacks and parenting tips have been featured on The Today Show, Fox and Friends, HLN’s Weekend Express, The Rachael Ray Show, and plenty of morning news shows across the country.

When I started blogging about my kids and our hilarious adventures together, I was writing over at Questionable Choices in Parenting. However, as my kids grew, so did my writing. So that is why you will find my TV appearances, life hacks, and simply clever ideas on this site.

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