First birthday parties are a HUGE deal! I did a super fun segment on the Today Show where I shared some of my favorite fun and fabulous DIY projects to make your baby’s first birthday unforgettable. And yes, there was glitter. Lots and lots of glitter! Come check it out!

High chair tutu: Decorate your baby’s high chair with a no-sew tutu made of pieces of tulle, elastic and knots — no crafting expertise needed! The tutu will create the perfect backdrop for all the pictures everyone will take when the birthday girl or boy gets their hands on their cake!

Picture banners: So many parents never use the photos they take during the first year of their baby’s life–you know, because you are so busy taking care of that baby. For the the party, remember to print some of the cute snapshots you’ve taken of your baby and make banners to decorate the party. Attach the pictures to ribbon and string and hang let your baby be the star of the party! Then when the party is over, throw the pictures in a frame and give to other members of the family. Multi-tasking!



Glitter hats and glitter sippy cups: I love glitter — it makes everything look amazing. Don’t be afraid to make use glitter to make party hats and cups fabulous! Glitter is a simple way to add some sparkle to the occasion. Just use spray glue or Mod Podge to make the glitter stick. To avoid getting glitter everywhere, uses a pie pan for the glitter and a lint roller to clean it up. Make the glitter sippy cups dishwasher safe with an added layer of Mod Podge.


Ball pit and bubbles: What one year old doesn’t love bubbles? Set up a bubble machine for a quick and inexpensive fun at the party. For even more smiles, take a kiddie pool, fill it with balls and let your one year olds play!

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