I love that my kids are completely enamored with St. Patrick’s Day. It’s such a simple and fun holiday full of little kid magic right? Plus it’s pretty low key on my part. My kids love all the green, all the shamrocks, all the leprechauns, and are beyond thrilled when they come downstairs on March 17 to see if a leprechaun played a few tricks on them. They think it’s hilarious that the kitchen chairs are upside down, the shoes are on the couch, and they squeal with joy when they see that crazy Leprechaun used their potty (thank you, green food dye). I don’t know why they think it’s so funny, but they do. This year the kids and I made three really cute and really easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts and I shared it over at TLC: rainbow in a jar science experiment, Leprechaun trap, and Leprechaun binoculars The best part about these crafts, you probably already have everything you need in your house. Click right here to see my post!

St. Patrick's Day


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