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Tips for Caring for Curly Haired Kids

The 80’s and early 90’s weren’t kind to a young gal with curly hair like me. There were lots of bad perms, Christmas tree shaped haircuts, fluffy poodle mullets, and years of school pictures that will never see the light of day. So years later when the Curly Hair Gods...

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Winter Skin Hacks for Your Kids

Baby, it’s cold outside and you can tell it on my babies’ dry, itchy skin. Sure the winter months are a blast when you have a ton of snow, school is cancelled, and you get to spend the day sledding, building snowmen, and drinking hot coco. However,...

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Mom Hacks to Help Survive Cabin Fever!

When you were a kid, was there anything better than hearing the words “SNOW DAY!”? I still feel that way when I have a snow day with my kids, but then that snow day turns into more snow days, and icy cold days, and just plain yucky days where it takes so much effort...

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